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hella gay and hella sad.


i’m tired of people saying lesbians hate men. that’s such bullshit. you don’t have to be a lesbian to hate men. everyone hates men

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Natalie Dormer | 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards


Natalie Dormer | 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

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            ————————— m a y b e   I   d o n ’ t    w a n n a   b e    f i x e d


to people that sleep with their bedroom doors open: you are brave but you are going to die young

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"It’s okay,’ you know? It’s okay to be you. It’s okay to just not be okay. It’s okay to not be okay."

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Keaton Henson


Keaton Henson | Beekeeper

And I’m just getting started, let me offend
The devil’s got nothing on me my friend

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Not a perfect soldier, but a good man.


{ and you may call the rest just an afterthought }
-leica m2 + ilford hp5 plus 400-

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warmth, home, lore

warmth: what do you find most charming in others?

i like open mindedness thats v important to me and i like honesty

home: in what type of environment do you feel most safe?

probably by myself idk this is difficult to answer bc ive never really felt ~safe before :/ 

lore: if your life were a tale, how do u expect it would end??

i’d probably be the princess thats gets fed up with everyones shit and runs off with a horse to live in the wild or something lmao

or ororro i wouldnt mind being a mermaid. also getting fed up with everyones shit and swimming off with a bunch of dolphins. ✌



reverie: think of somewhere otherworldly u wish to be within, what is it like there?

its cloudy or raining most of the time and when there are no clouds u can see so many stars and planets in the ~distance. the ppl drive around in hover cars. there r always pleasant smells and a lot of trees. everyone has a cat


treat and visitor

treat: your favorite sweets?

anything red velvet & skittles. 

just did visitor!!!

sleep, visitor, chimes, times

sleep: what is the most comforting thing at night time for you?

my two blankets n my four pillows

visitor: what creature visits your dreams most often?


chimes: what sounds are your favorite?

waves and the rain or thunderstorms!!!!! also my girlfriend’s laugh

times: when do you normally awaken?

on weekdays i have to wake up at like 5:30 am for school but weekends it’s around 11 am or 12 

"Oh shut up, it’s the glasses. I’m wearing reading glasses now on my nose. See? There you go."